Case Studies

The New Way To Warehouse Brochure Cover

Scholastic Canada triples productivity and cuts labor cost


increase in pick rates


decrease in labor cost

The New Way To Warehouse Brochure Cover

SICK boosts pick rates with inVia PickerWall


increase in pick rates at unit level

The New Way To Warehouse Brochure Cover

Gnarlywood reduces labor cost and boosts productivity


decrease in labor cost


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The New Way To Warehouse Brochure Cover
5 Key Considerations for 3PLs
When Choosing a Warehouse
Automation System
The New Way To Warehouse Brochure Cover
The New Way to Warehouse:
4 Innovations in Automation & Robotics to Boost eCommerce Fulfillment Productivity

Report: Frost & Sullivan names inVia Robotics the 2022 Technology Innovation Leader

Robotic Automation
Savings Calculator


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How AI Decision Intelligence is Transforming Warehouses

When choosing decision intelligence technology for warehouse operations, it’s important to consider solutions that offer a holistic approach…

Bringing Warehouses of The
Past Into The Future

Warehouses have been around as far back as the 14th century, and they have been a constant stronghold for human invention and commerc…

Flexible Automation Solutions Will Keep Warehouses Agile During Economic Uncertainty

Updated automation with the flexibility to accommodate economic uncertainty is becoming even more imperative for e-…

The Psychology Behind
Warehouse Automation

Putting less strain on workers’ bodies and letting them socialize should be priorities when you look to create a better and more efficient work…

Year-Round Peak Season Could
Impact Consumer Experiences

So while the future of eCommerce constantly evolves and year-round peak seasons bring newfound change, we are becoming more…



inVia Robotics – What will you do now?

inVia PickerWall Overview

inVia Robotics System vs Traditional Pick-to-Paper Order Picking
Boost order pick rates with inVia Logic + inVia PickMate

Warehouse simulation of inVia PickerWall

inVia Brings Intelligence + Robots to your Warehouse Operations

Intelligent Inventory Replenishment: Let inVia Picker robots replenish the goods for you

inVia Robotics Traffic Quality Index Algorithm: Reducing Congestion in Warehouse Aisles



Case Study: How Scholastic Canada Uses Automation to Increase Productivity
and Reduce Expenses

Case Study: How SICK is Successfully
Navigating the Automation Journey

Doing More With Less: The Application of Warehouse Robots and Wearables

Webinar: Modernizing Warehouses for an On-Demand World

People Robot Collaboration


Product Information

Software-directed Picking: Gain 2-3x productivity boost with inVia’s software-directed picking.

inVia Replenishment: Let inVia Picker robots replenish the goods for you.

inVia Logic: Make Your Warehouse Smarter.

inVia Picker: Meet the newest member of your warehouse team.

inVia PickerWall: Sometimes Walls Really Can Build Themselves.

inVia PickMate: Optimize With and Without Robots.

inVia ROC: More than Just Support. We’re Your Operations Partner.

inVia Robotics-as-a-Service: ROI on Day One. Not too good to be true.

inVia Connect: Integration Simplified.

What to Expect When You Bring Automation into Your Warehouse.

Why Does Your Facility Stop Working When Your Employees Go Home?