Our inVia Logic software is the intelligence of our system.

Our Warehouse Execution System (WES) software makes the smart decisions that coordinate all of the daily movements of your goods, your people, and your equipment on one platform.

Traditional warehouse software devised an operations plan for each fulfillment task, but left execution of it up to warehouse managers. They were left pulling together disparate systems and resources and trying to ensure they all worked together in harmony. With inVia Logic the planning, execution, and ongoing optimization of your workflows are all included. The result is efficient storage and movement of your inventory through your warehouse, delivering higher fulfillment throughput and greater order accuracy.

Choose the best option for your business needs today. Add features as your needs change.

Option 1

Software Only

Use the power of AI technology to locate your inventory and integrate tasks in a way that you’re able to fully utilize all of your workforce.

Option 2

Automated Labor

Once you’ve optimized your resource allocation and the location of your inventory, adding automated labor into your operations yields even greater productivity gains.

Option 3

Automated Warehouse

With space and labor optimized and robots on the floor, you’re ready to take it to the next level and expand the level of automation
—and efficiency—in your warehouse.

How it works

Maps, directs, and plays well with others.

It all starts with your system design where we build a simulation of your optimized warehouse through data analysis and mapping of the most efficient paths and workflows to move your goods. We use inVia SmartPath, a proprietary algorithm to determine the shortest and fastest routes for your people and our robots, resulting in faster cycle times and increased productivity. InVia Logic also includes our inVia Connect proprietary translation tool that simplifies mapping of data from your WMS to our WES. It ensures seamless integration, eliminating the need for system integrators.

Makes the best use of your most precious resources.

Once the plan is set, we make sure all of your resources are fully utilized. This includes optimal allocation of your labor to perform all fulfillment tasks and coordination of your hardware and software to make seamless handoffs. We direct your workforce to execute all workflow tasks – that can be your people, our robots, or both. Your people are directed by our inVia PickMate user tool to pick from racks, pallets, or robots and then sort goods into orders. If your system includes robots, your inVia Pickers are directed to carry out all fulfillment tasks autonomously.

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Ups your utilization.
Maximizes your time.

InVia Logic dynamically adapts to changing conditions, because we know to expect the unexpected in e-commerce warehouses. Our software is constantly updating resource allocations to maximize your most precious commodity – time. We’re making sure it’s never idle.

What it does for you

Increases productivity.
Learns. Repeats.

Increase productivity. Learn. Repeat. – We continually update the system through AI and machine learning, finding new efficiencies across your workflow. Updates are included with your service, so you always stay ahead of the technology curve.

Adapts to you.
Don’t change a thing.

Keep your racks and your floors as they are. The compact size and mobility of our robots allow them to work with any layout —existing or greenfield—and continue to adapt as changes are made to infrastructure over time.

Meet volume spikes
and fill workforce gaps.

Need more throughput for peak seasons? Want to add a third shift to cover seasonal upticks? You’re covered. With our RaaS model, you can scale the system up or down to meet seasonal demand and fill workforce gaps.

Makes good use
of all your space.

We’ll determine your ideal layout. Our warehouse analysis will uncover wasted space and dynamically reslot SKUs based on order patterns.

Makes sure your
workflows flow.

Our system will prescribe the optimal paths for moving goods quickly and accurately through each step of the fulfillment process. It will also consider task interdependencies and dynamically reallocate resources to keep people and materials flowing.

data transfers.

Our proprietary inVia Connect translation tool establishes a direct portal into your WMS so fields are automatically aligned and order data flows through the system without friction or delays.

Directs and manages
your labor.

Our inVia PickMate user tool provides intuitive, simple visuals to guide your people to quickly and accurately pick and sort goods into orders. We use proprietary path planning algorithms to reduce both cycle times and error rates.

Makes intelligent

Our AI-driven software is continuously learning, identifying, and implementing changes in workflows that can bring even greater efficiencies to your business

Helps you make
smart business decisions.

Our dashboards give you easy access to real-time data on fulfillment progress at the warehouse level, as well as detailed views into order status and worker productivity.

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current fulfillment process and facilities to help you
to reach your efficiency and accuracy goals
– all at a fraction of the cost of traditional automation.

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