inVia PickerWall

Make 1,000 UPH pick rate your fulfillment reality

inVia PickerWall robotic automation allows for maximum efficiency in your warehouse operations. With inVia PickerWall, warehouse employees can work in bursts and rotate freely across other warehouse tasks, while robots do their work, 24/7.


Let inVia Picker robots bring inventory to your people

Our patented inVia PickerWall is a dynamic pick/put wall our robots build with each day’s orders.
The system
speeds up fulfillment to ensure your daily SLAs are always met.

up to 1000 UPH pick rate with a Goods-to-Person automation

boost your replenishment rate with a patented workflow

10X improvement in travel time and distance between picks


Orders get fulfilled and
delivered more quickly

inVia Picker robots deliver inventory to inVia PickerWall where your people are directed on how many units to pick and which order containers to sort them into.

The system eliminates costly warehouse walking, resulting in a 5X productivity increase.


No more walking: our robots bring the goods to your people

inVia Picker robots are decoupled from shift work, retrieving and storing inventory containers without delay. Robots are able to work non-stop on one side of the wall, while people work in bursts on the other side, pulling products and sorting into order bins.

Decoupling of dependencies between people and robots reduces pick time and speeds up fulfillment rates.


Robots work non-stop so people can focus on high-order tasks

People work differently than robots. They tend to work in bursts, then take short breaks before re-engaging. Robots are better at working continuously, performing designated tasks over and over.

With inVia PickerWall, robots take on mundane tasks so workers can assume more fulfilling and value-added jobs such as decision-making and problem-solving.

Go at your own pace 

With a phased approach to technology adoption, inVia automation solutions meet the expectations of today and adapt to tomorrow's demand.

Software Icon

Option 1

Software Only

Use the power of AI technology to locate your inventory and integrate tasks in a way that you’re able to fully utilize all of your workforce.

Automated Labor Icon

Option 2

Automated Labor

Once you’ve optimized your resource allocation and the location of your inventory, adding automated labor into your operations yields even greater productivity gains.

Automated Warehouse Icon

Option 3

Automated Warehouse

With space and labor optimized and robots on the floor, you’re ready to take it to the next level and expand the level of automation —and efficiency—in your warehouse.


What it does for you

Costly warehouse walking eliminated.

Workers remain stationary on the other side of the inVia PickerWall where all of the day’s ordered goods are brought to the for sortation.

Dynamic slotting.

Inventory totes are placed in the optimal position based on real-time order data and prioritization.

Supports dark warehouses

inVia Picker robots are equipped with lights and are designed to operate through the night outside of worker shifts.

Workflows that adapt quickly to operational changes.

Our inVia PickerWall can be replaced with our standard workflow overnight to accommodate changes in order patterns and shift schedules.

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