Imagine your warehouse humming with productivity 24/7 and never worrying about it.

Our subscription-based offering isn’t just hardware, software, or remote oversight, it’s all of the above working together seamlessly to optimize your operations. The inVia system is comprised of nimble robots, powerful AI-driven optimization software, and 24/7 proactive monitoring all dramatically increasing productivity and accuracy by creating efficient workflows, eliminating wasteful warehouse walking, and ensuring smooth operations day and night.

Choose the best option for your business needs today. Add features as your needs change.

Option 1

Software Only

Use the power of AI technology to locate your inventory and integrate tasks in a way that you’re able to fully utilize all of your workforce.

Option 2

Automated Labor

Once you’ve optimized your resource allocation and the location of your inventory, adding automated labor into your operations yields even greater productivity gains.

Option 3

Automated Warehouse

With space and labor optimized and robots on the floor, you’re ready to take it to the next level and expand the level of automation
—and efficiency—in your warehouse.


inVia Logic Warehouse Execution System (WES) Software

inVia Logic is AI-powered software that organizes your warehouse, directs people or robots to move more efficiently, and orchestrates workflows to ensure idle time is minimized.

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inVia Picker Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

inVia Picker AMRs are compact, durable, adaptable, safe, and easy to use. They retrieve and put away goods completely autonomously.

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inVia PickMate

inVia Pickmate is the tool your workers use to get directions from inVia Logic. It has a simple, intuitive user interface that directs them to pick goods from a robot, a pallet, or a rack and place them in an order bin to go to pack out; it works on any smart device.

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Robotics Operation Center (ROC)

Our ROC is an extension of your staff that provides robotics expertise and dedicated, remote monitoring and support of the entire system.

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