inVia PickMate

Keep your people productive
with simple instructions

inVia PickMate is simple, intuitive hardware-agnostic software with a color-based interface. It directs warehouse workers to quickly and accurately pick and place goods that are moving through the order process.

inVia PickMate - Warehouse Picking Tool


Increase accuracy with step-by-step instructions

While inVia Logic software uses AI to optimize the placement and movement of goods, inVia’s PickMate guides workers to use the intelligence that inVia Logic creates. Your employees are able to simply match the color on the screen with the color on the inventory. inVia Logic dynamically reassigns tasks across the entire warehouse to minimize idle time, maximize productivity and improve pick accuracy.


Just assign a device and go

inVia PickMate requires minimal training so workers quickly grasp assigned tasks and are productive immediately, enhancing warehouse operations.

Just log into the device, then pick, place, and repeat.


Pick-to-color visual cues

Pick-to-Color warehouse order picking technology makes it easy to identify the right SKUs in the right locations. Simple visual cues make picking and placing intuitive. Double productivity rates with high-velocity repetition, allowing workers to fulfill 20+ orders simultaneously.


Intelligent labor utilization

Your workers are directed where to travel to in the warehouse to retrieve SKUs, while the system dynamically reassigns orders. Avoid bottlenecks and idle wait times, ensuring key warehouse processes run smoothly.

Go at your own pace

With a phased approach to warehouse technology adoption, inVia automation solutions meet the expectations of today and adapt to tomorrow's demand.

Software Icon

Option 1

Software Only

Use the power of artificial intelligence and modern warehouse technology to orchestrate workflows and make manual processes more efficient, while fully utilizing all of your workforce. Improve inventory control and minimize human error to improve storage density and inventory accuracy.
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Option 2

Automated Labor

Once you've optimized your resource allocation and the location of your inventory, adding robots into your operations automates repetitive tasks yielding even greater productivity gains.
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Option 3

Automated Warehouse

With warehouse space and labor optimized, manual processes minimized, and robots on the floor, you're ready to take it to the next level and expand the level of automation —and operational efficiency—in your warehouse.

Scholastic Canada triples productivity and cuts labor cost by 70%

increase in pick rates at unit level
in labor cost
“We’ve integrated inVia's full Robotics-as-a-Service solution, including the software that optimizes our workflows and the robots to automate the tasks. It was a minimal investment in CapEx and we were able to use the existing floor space to triple our pick rates and reduce our labor shortage woes all in one shot."
Chad MacGillivray | VP of Distribution Operations, Scholastic Canada

SICK boosts pick rates with inVia PickerWall

increase in pick rates at unit level
increase in pick rates at line level
“We needed the automation to be flexible, scalable. We were looking for a minimum upfront investment to get payback quickly.”
Randy Ross | Head of Supply Chain at SICK

Gnarlywood reduces labor cost by 65% and boosts productivity 6x

decrease in labor cost
increase in pick rates
“We wouldn’t have made it through this year without inVia. They completely changed the way we do business."
Dayton Hicks | Founder and CEO at Gnarlywood


What it does for you

A simple and clear interface.

We designed the inVia PickMate warehouse order picking tool to be simple and intuitive. It adapts to any size screen on any mobile device to show your people precisely where to find the right product to pick and then which order bin to place it in. It’s plug-and-play software that minimizes ramp time for your people.

Intelligent guidance.

inVia PickMate guides warehouse workers based on proprietary algorithms that incorporate inventory data, optimized storage locations, and pick paths. Give your people the same intelligence that guides our robots.

Helps you make
smart business decisions.

Our dashboards give you easy access to real-time data on fulfillment progress at the warehouse level, as well as detailed views into order status and worker productivity.

Makes adding value easy.

The step-by-step guidance inVia PickMate gives workers can be modified to include any steps in your eCommerce fulfillment process. Easily include value-added services like kitting, embroidery, and other customization.

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