inVia Picker robot

Nimble, adaptable, tireless team players

inVia Picker robots are small, safe, and easy-to-operate.
They fit right into your warehouse and your team,
and they operate autonomously – and tirelessly – to fulfill orders with precision.

invia Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Picking Box From Warehouse Storage Shelving


5x productivity boost with Goods-to-Person automation

Our robots work with machine precision and never get distracted, so you’ll see your error rates go down and accuracy rates go up. Plus, with our Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) model you don’t pay for robots. You only pay for the services they provide.


Ready for your warehouse – keep your existing infrastructure

inVia Picker robots are compact and durable, allowing them to adapt to your existing flooring and racking.

Our Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) use an extendable lift to reach upper shelves. Our patented solution uses industrial suction cups that seal a secure grip on your totes as they move through the warehouse.


No more walking the aisles
for miles!

inVia Picker robots work completely autonomously to automate all order fulfillment tasks. They retrieve and move goods, so your people are no longer spending their time walking through warehouse aisles. They’re spending their time getting orders out the door.


Work independently, nonstop

Unlike other AMRs, our robots can get their work done without having to wait around for people to do theirs. Utilizing machine vision with “fiducial” stickers, our robots can detect the location of inventory with ultra-precision.

Hot-swappable batteries, a self-charging feature, and built-in lighting allows robots to see in the dark. That means you can run your operations nonstop, never wasting a second of valuable fulfillment time.

Make 1000 UPH pick rate your fulfillment reality

inVia PickerWall is a dynamic pick/put wall our robots build with each day’s orders. The robots work in rote fashion on one side of the wall, while people work in bursts on the other side, pulling products and sorting them into order bins. Costly warehouse walking is eliminated and workers can rotate freely across other warehouse tasks.


inVia Picker: Small & Mighty Autonomous Mobile Robots


25.5”H x 26.1”W


136 lbs.

Payload Weight

Up to 40 lbs.

Payload Size

14”H x 15”W x 24”L


Up to 8 ft.

Max Speed

5 mph


Hot-swappable 10-hr. battery;

Self-charging feature available

* Exact payload and reach calculated and approved in detailed system specifications by Sales Engineer


25.5”H x 26.1”W


136 lbs.

Payload Weight

Up to 40 lbs.


Up to 8 ft.

Max Speed

5 mph


Hot-swappable 10-hr. battery;
Self-charging feature available

Go at your own pace

With a phased approach to warehouse technology adoption, inVia automation solutions meet the expectations of today and adapt to tomorrow's demand.

Software Icon

Option 1

Software Only

Use the power of artificial intelligence and modern warehouse technology to orchestrate workflows and make manual processes more efficient, while fully utilizing all of your workforce. Improve inventory control and minimize human error to improve storage density and inventory accuracy.
Automated Labor Icon

Option 2

Automated Labor

Once you've optimized your resource allocation and the location of your inventory, adding robots into your operations automates repetitive tasks yielding even greater productivity gains.
Automated Warehouse Icon

Option 3

Automated Warehouse

With warehouse space and labor optimized, manual processes minimized, and robots on the floor, you're ready to take it to the next level and expand the level of automation —and operational efficiency—in your warehouse.


What it does for you

Deliver goods-to-person efficiency at a fraction of the cost.

While many AMRs require people to walk with the robots through the warehouse, inVia Pickers do the traveling and bring goods to stationary pickers, eliminating costly walking.

Increase your speed.

With the ability to autonomously retrieve goods and work nonstop, inVia Pickers can decrease your cycle times and increase your productivity 5x.

Increase your accuracy.

Because robots work with machine precision and never get distracted, you’ll see your error rates go down and your accuracy rates go up.

Scale at will.

Because our robots are adaptable, your system can easily – and quickly – adjust to accommodate order volume growth. You can expand system capacity, or move the whole system to a bigger warehouse.

Scholastic Canada triples productivity and cuts labor cost by 70%

increase in pick rates at unit level
in labor cost
“We’ve integrated inVia's full Robotics-as-a-Service solution, including the software that optimizes our workflows and the robots to automate the tasks. It was a minimal investment in CapEx and we were able to use the existing floor space to triple our pick rates and reduce our labor shortage woes all in one shot."
Chad MacGillivray | VP of Distribution Operations, Scholastic Canada

SICK boosts pick rates with inVia PickerWall

increase in pick rates at unit level
increase in pick rates at line level
“We needed the automation to be flexible, scalable. We were looking for a minimum upfront investment to get payback quickly.”
Randy Ross | Head of Supply Chain at SICK

Gnarlywood reduces labor cost by 65% and boosts productivity 6x

decrease in labor cost
increase in pick rates
“We wouldn’t have made it through this year without inVia. They completely changed the way we do business."
Dayton Hicks | Founder and CEO at Gnarlywood

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