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We know thriving businesses can’t happen without humming warehouses. And we also understand that warehouse operations are under pressure like never before. The accurate and efficient movement of goods within these spaces is the heartbeat of your business and 1-day shipping has dramatically upped the stakes.

At inVia, we understand the critical processes and goods that warehouses are responsible for keeping in constant motion.

That’s why we built a flexible, agile approach to organize these many moving parts into perfect harmony. inVia revitalizes warehouses, using automation to eliminate stagnation and fuel progress.

The result is a seamless, always humming system where people and technology each rise to their maximum potential. We bring unmatched order, accuracy, and efficiency to transform warehouses into future-ready opportunity centers.

Our history

The name inVia Robotics is derived from our approach of “innovation via robotics”

Our founders – Lior Elazary, Dan Parks and Randolph Voorhies – met while working on their Ph.D. degrees in robotics at the University of Southern California. They found they were a natural team, and they were curious and passionate about how they could apply automation to solve existing problems. They took Plato’s wisdom to heart: “necessity is the mother of invention.”

In the process of exploring applications and building prototypes, they had their “aha!” moment as they were ordering sheets of aluminum and other parts online … with free overnight shipping. With a little research it became clear that the existing e-commerce fulfillment process couldn’t keep up with consumer demand for online ordering of every kind of product you could imagine.

Warehouses would have to innovate, and this was the perfect environment for automation. The team was driven by a mission to automate repetitive tasks so people could get that time back and use it in more fulfilling ways. Warehouses were filled with these types of tasks. So they developed the first system that made autonomous mobile robotics economical for anyone fulfilling e-commerce orders and made the benefits of automation available to the mass market.

Our Executive Team

Lior Elazary

Co-Founder and
Chief Executive Officer

Lior has more than 20 years of experience as an executive in internet networking, robotics, software development and enterprise architecture businesses.

Dan Parks

Co-Founder and
Chief Operations Officer

Dan is a robotics expert with 17 years of experience in the field. He oversees the manufacturing, deployment and remote monitoring of the inVia Picker robots within customer warehouses.

Randolph Voorhies

Co-Founder and
Chief Technical Officer

Rand is a technology and robotics expert. He leads the inVia engineering team that builds the AI-driven software at the core of the robotics system.

Kristen Moore

Marketing Officer

Kristen joined the inVia Robotics team in 2018, bringing more than 20 years of experience in marketing, tech, digital media and e-commerce.

Our Patents

Patent 9120622

// 01.September.2015

Autonomous Order Fulfillment and Inventory Control Robots

Mobile robots capable of autonomously filling orders and performing other warehouse tasks, using a warehouse’s existing shelving, totes and configuration

Patent 9050723

// 09.June.2015

Human and Robotic Distributed Operating System (HaRD-OS)

Software that improves robots’ ability to operate robustly and securely in a variety of environments by facilitating more efficient cooperation between people and robots

Patent 9457468

// 04.October.2016

Human and Robotic Distributed Operating System (HaRD-OS)

A more advanced and comprehensive version of our original Human and Robotic Distributed Operating System

Patent 9513627

// 06.December.2016

Autonomous Coordination of Resources Amongst Robots

A system for synchronizing robots operating in the same space and prioritizing resource allocation to minimize the time robots spend waiting to perform tasks and allow them to move more efficiently

Patent 9540171

// 10.January.2017

Autonomous Order Fulfillment and Inventory Control Robots

A more advanced version of our Autonomous Order Fulfillment and Inventory Control Robots

Patent 9731896

// 15.August.2017

Autonomous Order Fulfillment and Inventory Control Robots

A more advanced version of our Autonomous Order Fulfillment and Inventory Control Robots

Patent 9908702

// 06.March. 2018

Robotic Navigation and Mapping

A system for robotic navigation that uses fiducials to identify item location, adjust robot orientation and then use feature mapping for alignment

Patent 10078916

// 18.September.2018

Pick to Augmented Reality

Use of an augmented reality device that coordinates user movements, identifies items to pick or counts restocking of inventory

Patent 10134006

// 20.November.2018

Workflow Management System Integrating Robots

Proprietary system integration and management of workflows, including Pick-to-Cart, Pick-to-Transit, Retrieve-then-Pick and Hybrid Pick Wall


If you always find yourself seeking the thrill of solving unsolvable problems and exploring new paths, this is your kind of team.

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