SICK boosts pick rates with inVia PickerWall

increase in pick rates at unit level
increase in pick rates at line level

At a Glance

  • Increase B2B fulfillment speed and accuracy
  • Implement flexible and scalable automation with quick payback
  • Rapid implementation without disruption to existing operations


inVia implemented inVia PickerWall robotic automation, which included  AI-powered inVia Logic software and 20 inVia Picker robots (AMRs) to automate order picking with no disruption to operations.


Increased pick rates by 1,000% and ROI in less than 6 months.


The Challenge

SICK Sensor Intelligence is a leading manufacturer of sensors, safety systems, machine vision, encoders and automatic identification products for industrial applications.

The company needed to increase B2B fulfillment speed and accuracy to ensure timely delivery of products to their growing customer base. They sought a solution to enhance process efficiency and reduce the necessity of hiring additional workers.

They wanted a quick implementation in a brownfield facility that wouldn’t disrupt existing operations and 
SLA commitments.

SICK was experiencing rapid growth and prioritized flexibility, scalability, and quick ROI as crucial factors in their automation selection process.

We needed the automation to be flexible, scalable. We needed it to be able to start small, get a win, and then continue to grow. We were looking for a minimum upfront investment to get payback quickly.

Randy Ross, Head of Supply Chain at SICK


Case Study: How SICK is Successfully 
Navigating the Automation Journey

Discover how SICK transformed its Minnesota facility with advanced technologies, leveraging inVia’s AI-powered software and robotics for unmatched efficiency.


The Solution

Simulation analysis to build an ideal automation system

Digital twin 3D simulation and design of ideal automation system

inVia Robotics assessed SICK’s environment, including workflows and operational data, and created digital twin to calculate and synchronize inventory movements.

The system analyzed SLA requirements and built an optimization plan to deliver value across all fulfillment points in the warehouse.

inVia PickerWall solution deployment to automate picking

inVia implemented the inVia PickerWall solution to automate order picking, where inVia Picker robots work autonomously to deliver inventory to a dynamic hyper-dense pick/put wall.

Employees work in bursts on the other side, pulling products and sorting into order bins. 

No downtime implementation at a brownfield facility

The system was deployed with no downtime and in parallel with existing operations. 


The Result

SICK fulfillment operations saw a 6X productivity increase at the line level and a 10X increase at the unit level, demonstrating the successful integration of automation into SICK’s operations.
The return on investment (ROI) was less than 6 months.

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