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“In the current real estate market where prices are going up, the ability to lift and shift was crucial for us. We needed a system that we could easily move to a new facility. And we didn’t want to invest a lot of CapEx. We have talked to a lot of vendors, and in the end, we elected to partner with inVia. We’ve integrated their full Robotics-as-a-Service solution, including the software that optimizes our workflows and the robots to automate the tasks. It was a minimal investment in CapEx and we were able to use the existing floor space to triple our pick rates and reduce our labor shortage woes all in one shot.

Chad MacGillivray

Vice President of Distribution Operations at Scholastic Canada

“Since adopting inVia’s technology Mohawk has more than doubled pick rates. inVia’s technology is helping us transform our business to keep up with market changes through intelligent, data-driven decision-making that streamlines our operations.

Noshad Chaudhry

Senior Director of Operations, Mohawk Industries

“Assessing warehouse efficiency used to consume weeks, even months, of our time and resources. We’d deploy teams of engineers, gather data, and analyze operations extensively to identify areas for improvement. Now, with a few clicks, we can simulate scenarios, conduct thorough analyses, and pinpoint optimization opportunities in just minutes.

Using Twin IQ to optimize post-deployment operations has been a breakthrough for CarParts.com. Directly comparing scenarios to our current warehouse operations yields invaluable insights for continuous improvement.”

Michael Huffaker

COO, CarParts.com


Case Studies

The New Way To Warehouse Brochure Cover

Scholastic Canada triples productivity and cuts labor cost


increase in pick rates


decrease in labor cost

The New Way To Warehouse Brochure Cover

SICK boosts pick rates with inVia PickerWall



increase in pick rates at unit level

The New Way To Warehouse Brochure Cover

Gnarlywood reduces labor cost and boosts productivity


decrease in labor cost

CapEx, Scalability and Speed

“In the world of public warehousing where Stord doesn’t control the goods that come in, CapEx is a big deal. As our business evolves, we needed a solution that was flexible and scalable. We liked that inVia is able to segregate the hardware from the software. We’ve implemented the software first. The addition of robotics simply pushed the efficiencies we realized through the roof. The combination of CapEx, scalability and speed was unrivaled.”

Kyle VanGoethem

Head of Network Planning at Stord

Smart Technology for Optimization

“It’s critical that we continually incorporate the latest warehouse innovation into our operation. It gives us a competitive edge because it gives our customers one. We wanted smart technology that could optimize our buildings and our people so we can keep our pledge to simplify and automate for our customers. inVia was an easy choice. They simplify and automate for us.”

Rob McFaul

CEO, Cargo Cove

Increased Productivity Across the Warehouse

“We wouldn’t have made it through this year without inVia. They completely changed the way we do business. We now meet same-day shipping SLAs, increase pick rates to dramatically reduce labor dependency and reduce new-hire training from days to ~30 minutes. We’ve been able to retain quality labor and hand out the highest pay raises in company history.”

Dayton Hicks

CEO, Gnarlywood

Powerfull Software and Dedicated Engineering Expertise

“inVia’s RaaS model is ideal for ecommerce fulfillment 3PLs like ours, because it allows us to avoid large CapEx, which ultimately helps Fulfyld deliver better pricing to customers.”

AJ Khanijow

CEO, Fulfyld

Ensured Productivity and Operability

“Our customers are being pressured to provide more products and faster service to their consumers, and inVia’s robots ensure that we are always delivering the right products quickly.”

Hisahiro Tatsushiro

CEO, Kantsu


Awards & Recognitions

Frost & Sullivan applauds inVia for maximizing worker productivity and providing e-commerce organizations with an attainable entry point to introduce autonomous mobile robots and inVia PickerWall into their businesses.

The company’s RaaS model, ROC, and quick deployment further enhance its customer value proposition.

Sankara Narayanan

Industry Principal

Throughout the day, inVia Picker AMRs continuously shuffle bulk storage bins between the inVia PickerWall and a target storage location based on the demands of upcoming orders. Some existing inVia customers have seen dramatic throughput enhancements with the implementation of the inVia PickerWall without any additional robots being deployed. Given that inVia customers pay for the service in a robots-as-a-service contract, this is a win-win for both inVia and the end customer.

Mike Oitzman

Founder of the Mobile Robot Guide & Editor of WTWH’s Robotics Group

The past 18 months have been a tumultuous time for U.S. supply chains. But, the core reason today’s supply chains haven’t completely fallen apart is because solutions providers have been working diligently to partner with customers and clients to streamline processes, implement emerging technology and deliver results that improve bottom lines and the environment. For many of these collaborations, it’s about achieving full visibility, complete forecasting, end-to-end leverage and the ultimate in sustainability.

Marina Mayer

Editor-in-Chief of Supply & 
Demand Chain Executive and Food Logistics

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