Warehouse Automation Software

Turn fulfillment chaos

into a clear path to meet your SLAs

Powered by AI, inVia Logic warehouse automation software analyzes daily SLA requirements and builds a plan to efficiently execute and synchronize all fulfillment tasks. The system orchestrates all resources and automatically makes real-time adjustments to meet SLAs.


Tired of playing catch-up with fulfillment?
Get ahead of deadlines with a software built around SLAs.

Our AI-powered warehouse automation software intelligently orchestrates tasks across the entire warehouse and directs workers to minimize idle time, maximize productivity and improve order accuracy. The result is intelligent, coordinated movement of resources and goods into orders that make customers happy.

Boost productivity of your people 
by 2-3X with AI software



Cut your workers’ travel
time and distance by 50% 

Eliminate wasted time with dynamic task assignment


Tackle the top productivity killer – idle time.

Our inVia Logic Warehouse Execution System (WES) software ensures all of your resources are fully utilized. This includes optimal allocation of your labor to perform fulfillment tasks and coordination of hardware and software to make seamless hand-offs.

inVia Logic reassigns tasks across warehouse to minimize idle time and lets you see the productivity, contribution, & utilization for each worker.



Pick faster with our patented Pick-to-Color technology.

Pick-to-Color technology combines inVia Logic AI-powered software and inVia PickMate productivity app, to maximize picking efficiency. Using colored stickers on inventory and order containers, inVia PickMate directs people with simple and intuitive directions.

Your people are intelligently guided through all warehouse tasks to fulfill orders faster. 

No more walking the aisles for miles!

Smart algorithms reduce warehouse walking by 50% by batching orders and sending your people on the most efficient pick paths. 

Let our AI do the planning

Our system efficiently optimizes tasks to ensure your resources are never idle, while intelligent algorithms guarantee the highest picking productivity.

Software Icon

inVia SmartPath

Identifies the shortest picking path for workers to minimize warehouse walking.

Automated Labor Icon

Traffic Quality Index (TQI)

Reroutes workers to avoid congestion in warehouse aisles.

Automated Warehouse Icon

Cluster Picking

Groups and assigns orders based on SKU proximity to eliminate repetitive trips to the same aisle.


Make better decisions with real-time actionable data

Our business intelligence dashboards offer easy access to real-time data on order status and daily fulfillment progress, as well as labor performance and inventory control. 

A 3D rendering of the facility allows for greater inventory accuracy and insights into SKU location and quantity.

Optimize and orchestrate all fulfillment
workflows to minimize cycle time

Easy scale-up to robots for a 5x productivity boost.

With a phased approach to technology adoption, inVia automation solutions meet the expectations of today and adapt to tomorrow’s demand.

Scholastic Canada triples productivity and cuts labor cost by 70%

increase in pick rates at unit level
in labor cost
“We’ve integrated inVia's full Robotics-as-a-Service solution, including the software that optimizes our workflows and the robots to automate the tasks. It was a minimal investment in CapEx and we were able to use the existing floor space to triple our pick rates and reduce our labor shortage woes all in one shot."
Chad MacGillivray | VP of Distribution Operations, Scholastic Canada

SICK boosts pick rates with inVia PickerWall

increase in pick rates at unit level
increase in pick rates at line level
“We needed the automation to be flexible, scalable. We were looking for a minimum upfront investment to get payback quickly.”
Randy Ross | Head of Supply Chain at SICK

Gnarlywood reduces labor cost by 65% and boosts productivity 6x

decrease in labor cost
increase in pick rates
“We wouldn’t have made it through this year without inVia. They completely changed the way we do business."
Dayton Hicks | Founder and CEO at Gnarlywood

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