inVia PickMate

Our easy-to-use software guides your people to move goods from the pick face into order bins with simplicity and precision. We map the optimal path, and your people follow simple commands to execute it.

Smart Tools for a Smart Warehouse

inVia PickMate is the tool your people need to improve picking results in zones where you aren’t using robots. Our inVia Logic software calculates the most efficient way to accurately take products from inventory to pack out, and inVia Command tells your people exactly which steps to take to make that happen.

ASRS Picker Mobile

Keep it Simple

We designed the user interface for inVia PickMate to be simple and intuitive. It adapts to any size screen to show your people precisely where to find the right product to pick and then which order bin to place it in. Pick, scan, put. It’s that simple.

Faster, Better

Because we’ve taken your inventory data and optimized storage locations and pick paths, your people are always positioned in the right spot to move goods quickly and accurately through the fulfillment process. This results in at least 2x productivity improvements over your manual processes.

Finally, Full Visibility into Your Picking Productivity

inVia Logic’s management dashboard gives you a simple, complete view of productivity rates of all of your labor points - people or robots. It’s accessible from most any smart device. You can monitor your operations and make informed decisions wherever you are, from the warehouse, a conference room, or even from your kid’s soccer practice.

Get to All Those Hard-to-Reach Places

Our inVia PickMate is the perfect complement to robotic picking. It lets your people focus on picking goods that are non-standard sizes and shapes, while your robots focus on routine movement of goods. Our inVia Logic software uses the same AI process to map and optimize your warehouse, and you can deploy inVia Command to guide your people or our robots, or a combination of both.