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For traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, the holiday shopping season remains the most important time of the year. But for online retailers, the whole concept of one blockbuster “peak” season is becoming a bit more fluid. In fact, it’s just one of many peak seasons that occur all throughout the year, leaving you little time to revamp your fulfillment operations with new automation technology.

Or so you think.

The fact is that adding automation to your warehouse is a simple process that requires no disruption of your throughput and no changes to your infrastructure. The only difference you’ll notice is our fiducial markers, which are small stickers with codes on them that we adhere to your shelves. They allow our robots to navigate using machine vision, which lets them work completely autonomously.

Fiducial Markers

As for other physical changes, there aren’t any. You don’t have to change your floors or the width of your aisles. You don’t need to install new shelves or racks. You don’t need to buy new totes or bins. And you don’t have to reconfigure the layout of your warehouse. Anywhere your people can go, our robots can go.

No infrastructure changes needed

When you partner with inVia, we make automation painless. We asses your current workflows and operational data and design a system specifically for your needs. Our Robotics Management System and our small, safe mobile robots handle everything from picking, inventory, replenishment, cycle counting, sortation, and returns. The entire deployment process can happen in a matter of days, and your team doesn’t need to learn anything about robotics. That’s our area of expertise.

And once our system is up and running, we’ve always got your back. Our team of robotics technicians monitors your inVia system 24/7, identifying any potential issues before they become problems and making adjustments to robots mid-fulfillment to prevent disruptions.  

To learn more about how quickly and easily you can automate your warehouse with inVia Robotics, contact our sales team today.

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