Getting Started with RaaS

Adding robots into your warehouse is now easy, affordable, and low-risk - not like automation used to be. There are no big upfront costs, no disruption to your fulfillment process and no new infrastructure requirements.

Benefit from automation.
Pay for productivity.

Picking Robot

You don’t need to be a robotics expert to automate your warehouse operations. Leave that to us. Through our Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) model, we own, operate and continuously optimize our robots to integrate into your environment and maximize your productivity.

Scale Investment to Flex With Your Business

Easily scale robots up or down to align with your order volume and seasonality.

Pay per Pick, Not for Equipment

You pay for the services our robots provide, not for the robots. So you don’t incur big, upfront capex that delays ROI and negatively affects cash flow.

Don’t Wait for Results 

Start seeing increased throughput and positive ROI as soon as you deploy – and deploy in days, not months.

Let Us Be Your Resident Robotics Expert

When you choose inVia, we become an extension of your team – not only our robots, but also our people. Our robots roll out on your floor every day to keep you productive, and we work behind the scenes to keep your system maintained and optimized.

How Does Implementation Work?

inVia Warehouse Animation

Deployment is simple.

  1. We do an assessment of your current environment, including workflows and operational data, and create the right automation design for your business.
  2. We’ll then create a simulation analysis, where we use inVia Logic to build your ideal robotics system, including dynamic slotting and maximized space allocation. This system integrates with your existing systems through APIs and the help of our data translator, inVia Connect.
  3. Our robots are deployed, and the first thing they do is map your warehouse under the direction of inVia Command.
  4. We conduct one final optimization.
  5. That’s it. You’re ready to go, and the clock starts on your ROI.

The best part is this can happen in a matter of days, and your team doesn't need to learn anything about robotics. That’s our area of expertise.