Mohawk increases productivity and improves customer experience with inVia’s warehouse automation

Since implementing inVia’s warehouse optimization system, Mohawk Industries has seen its team’s productivity increase and operations become more efficient across the warehouse.

Mohawk, the world’s largest flooring company, started using inVia Picker autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in its Georgia facility in 2022. Since then, they’ve been able to eliminate the use of temporary labor, as well as reassign their full-time team members away from rote tasks to more strategic jobs.

Bringing advanced technology to Mohawk’s operations for better customer experience

With the growth in e-commerce and Mohawk’s digital presence, the demand for direct-to-consumer shipment of flooring samples has exploded. Automating Mohawk’s warehouses has become a part of a broader initiative to upgrade their overall operations to become more efficient and deliver an excellent consumer experience. The company needed a solution that would result in better utilization of their resources and increased throughput in order to quickly deliver samples of every available product. 


It’s important for us to maintain Mohawk’s excellent reputation for delivering outstanding customer experience as market dynamics call for distribution practices to change. We needed a solution that would result in better utilization
of our resources, as well as increased throughput.
Charles DiSano
, Vice President & General Manager, Merchandising & Samples at Mohawk Industries


“Since adopting inVia’s technology Mohawk has more than doubled pick rates. inVia’s technology is helping us transform our business to keep up with market changes through intelligent, data-driven decision-making that streamlines our operations.”
Noshad Chaudhry, Senior Director of Operations at Mohawk Industries

Improving productivity and employee satisfaction with inVia’s robotic automation

The solution Mohawk uses includes a fleet of inVia Picker robots that build a dynamic put/pickwall each day – inVia PickerWall – that holds the SKUs needed for all daily orders. Workers pick the individual units and sort them into order containers for packout. The reduction in time spent walking through the warehouse, as well as the efficiencies gained through intelligent batching of orders, resulted in Mohawk consistently meeting all SLAs in fewer shifts. Since adopting inVia’s technology Mohawk more than doubled pick rates.

The benefits for workers include increased productivity and engagement, as well as improved schedules and health as they aren’t performing as many repetitive tasks. In the zone where robotic picking was introduced, six out of seven pickers were able to be reassigned to a variety of other tasks in the warehouse that aren’t as rote.


“inVia’s system has delivered a win-win for the Mohawk team. They are able to both streamline costs for the business and create a better work environment for warehouse workers. Our goal for every customer is to both help their bottom line and allow for more fulfilling careers for workers.”
Lior Elazary, CEO and co-founder of inVia Robotics

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