AGV & AMR Robot In Warehouse

In a recent Forbes article, Lior Elazary, inVia Robotics Co-founder and CEO, delves into the revolutionary impact of AI decision intelligence on warehouse operations. Read the full article on Forbes here.

In the fulfillment process, every task, from receiving to shipping, needs to be precisely coordinated to deliver orders on time. The problem is that the tasks are interconnected; a delay in one area can cascade through the system, escalating idle time. If one traffic light fails and no alternative routes are found, there could be a major traffic jam, and traffic throughout the city could be affected.

Idle time is more than just downtime—it’s a lost opportunity. Each minute a worker spends waiting for the next assignment or for equipment to become available is a minute that could have been spent fulfilling orders. For a business that operates under strict deadlines, even the smallest increments of wasted time can add up to significant financial losses.

Warehouses and distribution centers strive to fulfill orders on time and in the most efficient way possible. For that, AI can be a remarkable ally—the omnipresent traffic controller that keeps tasks flowing and instantly redirected if there is a possibility of a traffic jam.

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