inVia Robotics Nominated for “Readers’ Choice Products of the Year” Award for 2021

The inVia PickerWall and inVia Picker robots were recently nominated for the “7th Annual Readers’ Choice Products of the Year Awards” for 2021 by Material Handling Product News and Material Handling 24/7. The award recognizes advances in materials handling and equipment within manufacturing, distribution centers, and warehouses across 14 categories, spanning heavy equipment, storage, robotics, and other areas.

The inVia’s systems, which use AI and robotics to improve the order fulfillment process in e-commerce warehouses, were nominated in the Robotics “Mobile” category. The systems are being recognized for optimizing fulfillment operations and maximizing order picking efficiency.

inVia PickerWall: Start your shift with ordered goods ready for sorting and packing

The inVia PickerWall is a dynamic wall that inVia Picker robots build with each day’s set of ordered goods. The robots work independently, retrieving goods and putting them on the wall for warehouse workers to quickly pick, scan, and sort items for packing and shipping to customers.

This system eliminates dependencies and fosters a symbiotic collaboration between robots and people. Picker robots can operate around the clock, setting up orders overnight for picking when workers start their shifts the next day. The system allows workers to rotate more freely across other warehouse tasks, reducing pick time and warehouse walks. It speeds fulfillment, which pleases customers.

For more information about the nomination, please visit Material Handling Product News and Material Handling.