A Complete Warehouse Automation Solution

The inVia system is a comprehensive AI-driven robotics platform that takes all of the manual and costly effort out of storage and retrieval of warehouse inventory. A key part of our system is a team of autonomous mobile robots that effortlessly moves your goods to your people, whether coming in or going out.


Working within your existing warehouse infrastructure, inVia robots operate 24/7 and can autonomously pick totes up to 40 pounds, at heights of up to 8 feet. They gather intelligence in the process in order to continually identify the most efficient paths.


When inventory falls to minimum pre-defined levels, inVia Command directs automated robots to deliver those totes to the replenishment station. The totes are then refilled, and the robots return them to their places in the picking path.


inVia's robots also manage returning products into the warehouse, whether customer returns or mispicks piled up in hospital. They carry these goods back to the right slot in the warehouse, and inventory data is updated to ensure all products are accurately accounted for.

Cycle Counting

Our warehouse automation solution also helps you more efficiently manage inventory and eliminate the costs of inaccurate counts and shrinkage. Our robots bring the totes directly to warehouse workers for counting, eliminating errors and time wasted walking endless warehouse aisles.

Smart Sortation

inVia Logic applies intelligence to your operations to identify the most efficient workflows, from retrieval through to packing. Our system can wave or batch pick to accelerate retrieval, and manage sortation at the virtual putwall to reconstruct individual orders more accurately and efficiently.


By using inVia’s robotics system, you can both optimize the placement and accuracy of inventory in your warehouse. Our system creates a true view of inventory locations and levels, and then maintains accuracy through the precision of robotic storage and retrieval.