On-demand Webinar

Case Study: How Scholastic Canada uses automation to increase productivity and reduce expenses

Discover how Scholastic Canada cut operating expenses by 30% and transformed its Ontario facility to become hyper-efficient through the adoption of advanced technologies, including AI-powered software and mobile robotics.

Discover how Scholastic Canada successfully:

  • Evaluated and chose the right automation solution for their business
  • Leveraged the continuous upgrades included with robotics-as-a-service (RaaS) to stay ahead of the technology curve
  • Replaced expensive, fixed equipment with nimble mobile robots that can easily be “lifted and shifted” as business needs change


Lior Elazary

Co-founder & CEO

inVia Robotics

Chad MacGillivray

Vice President, Distribution Operations

Scholastic Canada

David Maloney

Group Editorial Director

DC Velocity