inVia Picker Robots

Our robots complete the task of moving your warehouse inventory from one point to another with simplicity and precision. And they do it completely autonomously, helping you fulfill every order faster and more accurately.

Autonomous, Adaptable Robots

inVia Picker robots are small, safe, mobile and easy to use, and they are made to roll right down your aisles. They fit into your warehouse, your workflow and your team.

inVia Robot


You Can Have Quantity and Quality

PIcker robots dramatically increase productivity rates by eliminating time wasted walking the aisles. They also increase accuracy – delivering a rate of 99.9%.

Leave All Your Repetitive Tasks to Us

Your time and labor is valuable, and our mission is to automate the repetitive tasks so people can focus on more meaningful work. Let our PIcker robots work the aisles, and watch your people find their jobs more enjoyable.

Keep Your Warehouse Like It Is - We’ll Adapt to It

Picker robots can pick and move standard totes of all materials, shapes and sizes, weighing up to 40 pounds. They also adapt to your shelving, and we’ll even provide intelligence that helps you optimize density.

Small and Mighty Robots

Picker robots are compact – just 25.5 inches by 26.1 inches, and they have an extendable lift that reaches up to 8 feet. An industrial suction cup seals a tight grip on your totes and keeps goods secure as they move through the warehouse.

Run Your Operations Nonstop

Hot-swappable batteries that last 10 hours mean you never waste a second of valuable fulfillment time. And every second counts.