Robotics Operations Center

You’re an expert at running your business, we’re experts at running warehouse automation systems. When you buy our system, you hire our robots and our robotics experts to make sure your orders are fulfilled like clockwork.


ROC Interface

Robotics Monitoring and Support

From inVia’s headquarters we staff our Robotics Operations Center (ROC) with a team of robotics technicians to monitor your inVia system 24/7. We identify any potential issues before they become problems and can make adjustments to robots mid-fulfillment to prevent disruptions.  

Proactive and Predictive Monitoring

Our monitors display detailed simulations of your warehouse. We can spot anything that doesn’t look quite right and make immediate changes from our ROC, including switching out robots while we troubleshoot potential issues so your operations don’t miss a beat.

Robotics Expertise on Demand

Our ROC staff are experts in warehouse operations and are co-located at our home office with the same engineers who develop and deploy your automation system.