Making Robots Practical

Robots are cool. We know because we work with them every day. Type “robots” into the search box on YouTube and you’ll find videos of robots doing backflips, parkour, and even dancing to “Uptown Funk.” It’s mesmerizing—and sometimes a little surreal—to see just how far the field of robotics has advanced since the early days of hulking industrial robots that welded auto parts.

All of these amazing feats (along with some amusing failures) are important steps in the evolution of robotics. One day soon, researchers may perfect a version of that back-flipping biped that can also grasp a handle and guide a vacuum around furniture. In the meantime, it’s fun to watch videos of humanoid robots performing human-like movements and marvel at their ability to successfully navigate their environment.

Of course, you could just buy a Roomba. That’s the thing about robots: the really cool ones are the ones that are actually solving problems and accomplishing tasks that need to be done today. Most of these robots don’t get any press because they‘re unassuming and not particularly glamorous. They are practical.

Parkour is Cool, but Practical Gets the Job Done.

Practicality—it’s one of our core values here at inVia Robotics. We thrive in complexity, and it motivates us to find the most practical answers to the most challenging questions. There’s no greater satisfaction for us than the valuable contribution we make to the world when we find a new way to solve a problem, and the tougher the problem the better.

And we aren’t the only ones. The majority of automation that is available and being used today is incredibly practical and useful. In most cases, it’s creating a robotics solution to perform repetitive tasks, which allows people to do more meaningful and fulfilling work.

What repetitive tasks do our robots perform? The ones that are necessary to keep warehouses running smoothly and make sure that online orders are filled on time and with the right items. We serve as our customers’ robotics expert, finding solutions to the pain points of their e-commerce business and tackling those tasks one at a time with automation. Our affordable Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) solution helps them maximize productivity and fulfill orders up to five times faster with little to no CapEx required. We can manage all of their picking, returns, replenishment, and cycle counting. We can do the same for your warehouse operations and have you up and running in five simple steps with no downtime or modifications to your existing infrastructure.

To learn more about how inVia Robotics practical solutions can fuel up your e-commerce business, contact our sales team today.

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