inVia’s Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) Enable Japan’s First Fully Automated e-Commerce Warehouse

inVia Robotics recently teamed up with Japan-based Konoike Transport Co. and robotics solutions provider OSARO to pilot Japan’s first fully automated warehouse. The pilot project at the Konoike Institute of Technology Innovation Center paired inVia Picker Robots, our autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), with OSARO’s piece-picking robotic arm.

The pilot tailored for warehouse and e-commerce applications and large SKU inventories integrates multiple robotics automation solutions to smooth the path from warehouse inventory to packing and shipping operations.

As part of the solution, inVia’s Picker robots located the warehouse shelf where the desired items were stored. Our AMRs retrieved the correct inventory storage bin and delivered it to the pick and place robot station. OSARO’s piece-picking robotic arm picked the item from the inventory storage bin and placed it in a separate bin, ready for shipment.

The pilot showed that the use of robotics to replace manual tasks can help address the global challenges of rising logistics volume and growing labor shortages, and that smart technologies in inventory movement and picking tasks can lead to fully automated e-Commerce fulfillment centers.

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