inVia Robotics Launches Traffic Quality Index Algorithm to Reduce Congestion in Warehouse Aisles

inVia’s new algorithm built into AI automation software inVia Logic increases pick rates by anticipating and avoiding an overlap of people working in eCommerce fulfillment centers.

TQI enhances the existing inVia Logic optimization algorithms that calculate the most efficient routes for pickers to retrieve ordered goods and assign orders based on SKU proximity (limiting the number of trips pickers make to the same aisle). The new algorithm intelligently anticipates the movements required to fulfill orders in real-time, throughout the day. When the paths of individual pickers are predicted to overlap and slow down the process, inVia Logic dynamically recalculates those paths to avoid aisle congestion and slowdowns.

“At a time when consumer demands are intensifying for faster online order delivery, every second added to the fulfillment process is costly,” says Lior Elazary, CEO and Co-Founder of inVia.

“As we continue to innovate and look at new ways we can leverage our AI technology, the Traffic Quality Index algorithm became a key solution to eliminating idle time and allowing for a swift flow of products. We are driven to continuously create leading-edge tools that help our customers better serve their customers.”

Avoiding overlap in the picking process is a core component of how inVia Picker robots are directed to navigate the warehouse, reducing the number of stops and idle time created throughout the day as one robot waits for another to pass by or finish a pick. Now that same guidance is available to workers using inVia PickMate, the productivity tool used to intelligently direct people on paths to pick, replenish and put away inventory.”

inVia’s true robotics-as-a-service (RaaS) model provides retailers and 3PLs with a flexible, cost-effective solution that dramatically increases productivity in existing facilities. The RaaS system allows customers to pay for the productivity delivered by inVia Picker robots versus competitors who lease or sell robots. The subscription service includes all system updates and 24/7 monitoring and support through inVia’s Robotics Operation Center (ROC). inVia subscribers automatically receive inVia Logic system updates and improvements to stay ahead of the technology curve.