Improving The Warehouse Order Picking: Warehouse Automation vs Traditional Order Picking Systems

E-commerce growth continues to pressure e-retailers and 3PLs who look for ways to improve order processing speed and accuracy to deliver orders on time in the warehouse picking process. With today’s labor shortages, hiring more workers is not the solution. The critical question for warehouses and fulfillment centers is how to rapidly boost pick rates from 90 UPH to 1,000 UPH, a 10X increase. Ensuring consumers get the goods they want quickly and accurately.

Technology is one of the best routes for warehouses to be more efficient. The full range of inVia Robotics automation tools & solutions offer warehouse fulfillment workers the opportunity to realize dynamic increases in productivity over traditional pick-to-paper order picking methods:


2-3x Productivity Boost with inVia AI Automation Alone

inVia Logic Warehouse Execution System (WES) software coupled with inVia PickMate, a simple and intuitive mobile tool to direct warehouse workers, offers 2-3X productivity gains versus the traditional warehouse order picking process. While inVia Logic uses AI and sophisticated algorithms to optimize the placement and movement of goods, assign orders based on SKUs proximity and direct pickers via the shortest paths while avoiding congestion, inVia’s PickMate mobile tool guides workers to use the intelligence that inVia Logic creates. Its simple pick-to-color instructions dramatically improve dwell time and reduce training time from days to just 30 minutes. The system not only improves pick rates but also cuts the picking distance of warehouse pickers to retrieve items by half.


Add Robots for 4-5x Order Picking Increase

Even greater productivity gains are possible with inVia Picker Robots, which work entirely autonomously to automate all order fulfillment tasks. The robotics solution lets workers focus on getting orders out the door rather than navigating aisles across the warehouse. inVia Picker Robots rebuild each new day’s set of ordered goods on a dynamic wall called inVia PickerWall. When warehouse order pickers start their shift, the ordered goods are waiting for them on the wall. Workers pull each SKU order from the PickerWall for sorting, packing, and shipping to the customer. Walking time is virtually eliminated, a staggering improvement over the ten-plus miles they used to walk each day across the warehouse.

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