Frequently Asked Questions

We like to share answers to questions we often hear about our warehouse automation solution and our autonomous mobile robots. If you have other questions, please contact us at

Here are answers to some common questions.


How much can inVia Robotics improve my warehouse’s efficiency?

By completely eliminating the need for people to walk through aisles at your warehouse, inVia Robotics can save a significant amount of time and allow your warehouse team to focus on more meaningful work. The improvement in efficiency for your business depends on the size of your warehouse and how you are currently managing order fulfillment. In a large, non-automated warehouse, inVia Robotics can increase throughput up to 500%.

What areas of warehouse operations does the platform address?

Depending on your needs, the inVia Robotics platform includes solutions that can automate a wide variety of tasks, including picking, replenishment, returns and cycle counts.

Why Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS)?

As a RaaS platform, inVia Robotics makes warehouse automation cost-effective and simple. You pay as you go based on your needs, and there’s no large, upfront capex investment required. inVia Robotics implements and maintains the robots on your behalf, so there’s no need to be a robotics expert. And you can easily add additional robots during peak periods as needed.

Is the system available now?

Yes! Our system is currently deployed in e-commerce and 3PL warehouses across the U.S. Our robots are managing picking, returns, replenishment and cycle counting operations for a range of goods, including apparel, food and beverage, household goods, and technology components. Visit our testimonials page to read about how we are modernizing warehouses for our customers.

How many robots do I have to get to start?

There is no minimum. We’ll simulate your environment and workflows to determine precisely how many robots you’ll need to achieve your productivity goals. You simply pay for the throughput, and we make sure you have enough robots to get the job done. And the number of robots you need will likely change based on seasonality. We’ll calculate that for you, too. The inVia Robotics Management System (RMS) software is always included, regardless of how many robots are deployed.

Do I have to change my warehouse in any way to implement your robotics platform?

No. You don’t have to do anything. We provide a comprehensive, automated solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing fulfillment operations and any existing warehouse management software you’re running. You don’t have to change your layout, shelving or totes, and there’s no need to reprogram your software.

How quickly does the solution deploy?

Our platform can fully deploy in days, not months. Unlike with traditional automation solutions, with inVia Robotics you’ll start seeing positive ROI right away.

What happens if something isn’t working?

Monitoring, service and maintenance of the robots and the entire software platform is included with your subscription, making your experience worry-free. If any issues arise, the Robotics Management System (RMS) will notify your team and the experts at our Robotics Operations Center (ROC). Our system is monitored 24/7 across a variety of performance metrics to ensure proper operation. If a robot needs to be pulled from operations, a backup robot can automatically take over the fulfillment process, and we will replace the primary robot.

What are the payment terms?

Our platform is offered through a RaaS model, so you only pay for the services of the robots, the software and the monitoring services. You don’t actually buy or lease the equipment. We offer the robotics services as a subscription model. Your monthly or annual fees are calculated based on your specific productivity goals.